“Let’s try with your phone,” she says, reaching out for my phone and taking two quick selfies. “Do you like them?” I ask her as I pore through them, cleaning them up in Lightroom. She nods her head in approval as she marvels at the lighting of this place. I’m on a date with my sister, Eve, at Foodhub, along Jinja Road, Kampala. Former Nando’s.

It’s a cold Tuesday evening. The air is thick. Outside, Kampala’s gridlocked traffic crawls slowly, almost unmoving. Cars toot stridently as Kampala’s ‘middleclass’ head back home after another fruitless day in the shackles of capitalism. Boda Bodas breeze past as throngs of people stand by the roadside, waiting to commute back to their rented abodes. Kampala is going to sleep.

We are seated in the corner, on these creatively designed chairs I always see on IKEA Instagram page. And that’s one of the things I loved about Foodhub; its interior designing and décor looks too artistic, almost unreal. I mean, I love furniture. Good furniture. I fish out my phone and I snap away and hang the picture on my Instagram stories. The place is jam-packed, teeming of people on pursuit for good food and a decent place to sit and wait for traffic to clear. They laugh, eat, take pictures, high-five and make merry.

On my left, there’s a gentleman and a lady. Love birds, I presume. The after-work type. They look like they’re on their first, or second date. The lad is shy, which is understandable. First dates are never easy. He looks at her the way an art collector looks at a painting in a gallery. Hungrily. Unblinking. Lustful eyes. They are holding hands. Love is in the air, so does the aroma of fried chicken. Their order arrives. A pizza. The lad yanks it open. The lady looks on admiringly, her eyes firmly pressed on the pizza. He mumbles something. And she laughs. Hard. Romeo and Juliet on a date.

My sister, who had gone to fetch our order, saunters back with a pizza in hand. And I’m surprised. Not because of the pizza, but how fast it came by. I instantly fell in love with Foodhub’s customer care. They are quick. They are professional. Unlike other places where you wait for days for your order to arrive. And when it arrives, it’s always a wrong order. But not Foodhub.

Droves of people walk in. Most seats seem to be taken by now. It tells you something – people love this place. It’s my first time here and I can easily tell why they love it. Outside, it’s getting darker each passing minute. The traffic is now moving albeit slow-paced. It’s still cold.

I start to smash the pizza, like today’s millennial would put it.

Look, Foodhub consists of five mini sections that serve various foods. It consists of Wandacrust that’s renowned for its pizza. Order for that pizza, you won’t regret it. Go there on Tuesday or Thursday where you buy one pizza and get one for free. Prices have been slashed. If you purchase any large pizza or medium pizza, they provide you with coupons; UGX5,000 off your next order for large pizza and UGX4,000 off your next medium pizza. These coupons are valid on any day of the week except on the promotional days which is Tuesday and Thursday.

Foodhub also consists of Mr. Golden’s that serves fried chicken. It’s best chicken you’ll find around town. 2 pieces of chicken go for only UGX11,500, which is inclusive of 2 pieces of chicken, chips and soda. There’s also Roosta’s flame grilled chicken. Its quarter chicken meal goes for only UGX14,500. And lastly, the Cream Supreme, the ice cream and juice bar. Try their ice cream, please. I did. It’s amazing. Their ice cream goes for as low as UGX2,500. Try out their waffles and lots of chocolate syrup. Take your taste buds on an adventure. There’s also Mighty Burger that has the best burgers in Kampala and neighboring districts.

It’s almost 10pm. Romeo and Juliet prepare to leave. I don’t want to miss how this movie ends. I even want to read the credits. So, I look on. A smile stretches Romeo’s cheeks. Happiness envelopes him. A sign of victory? Perhaps. Juliet throws a bag on her shoulder. Romeo shoves his wallet in the back pocket. He hurriedly grabs her hand and they walk out. The movie ends. The place remains jam-packed. Most people are on their last bites of their food. I order for a cold Mountain Dew to wash the pizza down my throat. My sister takes another picture. Her 1000th in the night.

And we leave.