On my way here, back to this blog, I had to tear through cobwebs. This place reeks like an abandoned hut. The paint on the walls has long been peeled off by loneliness. There’s a stool. A vintage stool, but it’s been cracked by old age. There is a mural of black-and-white pictures patched on the caving walls. I squint my eyes and pore through them with a help of my phone torch. I see a picture of my youthful self. Ah, the memories flood me. In the corner, there’s a calendar that says I was last here on 19th January, 2017. I had abandoned this place.

I will explain why.

Look, I work as an advertising copywriter in ad agency in town. This simply means, I think for a living. No, let me rephrase that. It simply means I am as busy as a grim reaper in Syria. Forget the dark, unnecessary comparison, but I get busy as they come. Well, I write over 3000 words every day. Now, if you churn out a heap of words on a daily as though you are re-writing a dictionary, you are bound to burn out like an overnight candle. It’s crazy, man. It’s crazy!

I write for a living. I write to have lots of money in the bank. Speaking of a bank, have you heard about United Bank of Africa? Folks call it UBA. It’s a fancy name; brief and pithy. UBA. Not the car number plate, but a bank. Now, UBA launched a Debit MasterCard a couple of moons ago. This card allows customers to perform transactions at their 11 ATMs around the country. You don’t have to carry a stash of cash, like a member of Rich Gang, to pay for goods. This card is a smart and secure way to do transactions. Plus, it’s quick. The Debit MasterCard gives you control of your money. Look, it provides you with an ability to deposit money directly from a savings or current account. Also, customers can visit any UBA branch around the country and request for this card. You will be instantly signed up and, immediately, you can start using the debit card. It falls in line with Bank of Uganda Financial Inclusion Project. So, go cashless with this UBA card and make transactions around the world.

Er, that’s read like a lecture about banking and whatnot.

So, folks, I have been trying to make money. Not that I have gathered much, but I have tried, at least. Making money in this town is not an easy feat. But I will keep writing and see where this dhow takes me. I might eventually gather lots of money in the bank and when, one day, I am wandering on the streets of Paris (on holiday) with a beautiful human being in my hand, I can use my UBA Debit MasterCard and purchase a couple of things.

I’m back to writing here.