There’s a renowned football manager who’s been sacked by a certain club in Manchester, UK, and in here, there’s endless banter about it, about him, about the future of the club. In here, between these walls, patrons pour their favorite drinks and toast to the long grueling 2018. They’ve clawed through the twelve months and they are raising their glasses to having walked this far. Outside, I can feel a swift breeze sweeping through. From a distance, in a dark hue, Lake Victoria waters kiss the shores like a lustful lover and disentangle reluctantly. I love it here.

My name is Vikings Bar. I’m located at Speke Resort, Munyonyo. And this is my story.

Being a bar at such a 5-star establishment isn’t an easy feat. Here, I have to compete for attention with restaurants like Nyanja, the 70-seater Sundowner, Olympics size swimming pool, the resort’s signature deluxe room and much more which, in unison, give you lasting experiences. Being a bar is fine, but being called Vikings, like the TV series, puts you on pressure, because people have high expectations from you. Thankfully, I never disappoint.

I’m always open for people to just meet up and unwind. Look, I receive people from different walks of life. I receive Basummers with their exotic accents, indigenous tastes and international currencies. I receive young corporates that reek of new money and expensive cologne. I receive ageing folks with old money and a young appetite. I receive guests who are here for a day, a week, or even months. Receiving such a tribe of people teaches you one thing – to deliver, fully. And I really do.

I’m stocked with all kinds of drinks. From Johnnie Walker for those from all walks of life to Hennessey for those from Tennessee and beyond. From Black Labels, Red Labels and those without fancy Labels. At the end of the night, when everyone has gone, it fills me with great pride having put a smile on people’s faces. I understand that people visit me for different reasons. Some people come here to meet with their friends over a glass of wine. Some people come here to burry their sorrows in a bottle. Some people come here to take pictures of me, to slay. Just staring at people laughing, bingeing, drinking, dancing, arguing, taking pictures, ordering more drinks, and hitting on each other is a sight to behold.

Every day, I receive compliments and it really warms my heart. People say that I have a great ambience, which is true; you just need to visit me. People say alcohol tastes better here and I agree with them. Most importantly, people say the service is great which is rare with many bars in town. It’s something I’ve worked on for years, because I believe a customer is king.

So, this festive season, hit on your friends and visit me. Let’s make memories together. Let’s see off the year in style. If you want a room to stretch for a shut eye, we have accommodation. If you want to cool off, we have a swimming pool the size of DRC (Okay, you get the drift). If you want to grab a bite, we have restaurants to treat your palate. Do you want to see off the year in a great shape? Our gym is open, too.

I look forward to seeing you.


Vikings Bar, Speke Resort Munyonyo.

For more information, call +256 (0)414227111 or (0)417 716000 or email or

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