About this blog

My hustle dictates that I should ask questions, not vice versa. But since you have asked, I will tell you what this blog is about. It’s about me. It’s about you. It’s about life. It’s about people. Here, we shall sit down and talk. We shall narrate tales, the long ones and short ones. We shall fall in and out of love. We shall break hearts and get ours broken, too. We shall cry and laugh. Mostly, we shall laugh. We shall travel together, me and you, to anywhere our dhow will take us. While there, we shall take pictures if our camera still has a battery. This is where I will hang my random nonsense. I have dodged this place for years, but I am here. Finally, I am here. A bull should be killed, no? A bull. A goat. A deer. Anything. This blog is about this, and that, it’s about anything. Again, thanks for asking.

My name is Nimusiima. And I write. I will write.